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Pap’s Firewood

We believe in Value:  Getting a good product for a fair price.



We can deliver our firewood in bags to you for less money than it would cost you to go and pick up your own!

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Locally Owned & Operated

Pap’s Firewood is a one-man operation delivering bagged firewood directly to you for less than most stores charge you to pick it up yourself!  We now offer bulk firewood delivered as well, in half cord and full cord loads.

Born and raised in Whitehall, NY, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many countries and I’ve worked for large state agencies and multi-national corporations, but I kept longing to come back to my roots and work closely with nature.  In 2016, I had the opportunity to purchase some land in Vermont and with the help of my son, we started a maple syrup business

Since that time, I have been able to acquire the land in Argyle, NY where we will be tapping the maple trees and also producing the very best quality firewood to use camping, in your firepit, and in your home.

Give it a try – I promise you won’t be disappointed!  Thank you for supporting small, local businesses!  PS – “Pap” is what my son calls me in place of “Dad”.  We have always had a strong bond and I decided on this business name as a salute to him.

All the Best,  Dan Fredette

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