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Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Delivery Service

Is the town on the left where I live or where I’ll be camping?

Please select the town where you want the firewood delivered too. Your home address will be for billing purposes. Of course, you can have the firewood delivered to your home or anyplace that’s on the list in the appropriate AREA. Please select the town where it will be delivered, and then put in the address in that town. This is so Pap can deliver it at the correct price, to where you will be burning it.

How do I return the firewood bags and get paid for them?

There are two ways to get cash back for reusable bags. 1) You can bring them with you when you pick up more wood 2) If your wood was delivered, then you can leave them where your next delivery will be dropped off and $0.25 will be left for each reusable bag.

How do I determine if a bag is reusable?

If the tie string is missing, it may not be reusable. If it’s cut or broken, you can leave it and I will determine if it can be fixed. If there are holes or tears in the bag larger than 2 inches, it probably won’t be reusable. Just think, “Is this a bag I would want firewood delivered to me in?”. If you are unsure, just leave all bags and I will pay for the ones I know can be reused.

How will I know when my firewood has been delivered if I’m not there?

A picture will be taken of each delivery and sent immediately to the cell number provided on the order form.

Where is the bagged firewood most often left?

Because Pap is getting up there in years, all deliveries need to be made within about 20 steps from where he can park. The hardwood is pretty heavy. Usually, people choose to have them left in front of, or next to the garage. If it is inclement weather, then they can be left in the garage or on a covered porch.  Please put a short note when ordering.

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